1 Thessalonians 4:17
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On this site you will  find information regarding how to purchase music, merchandise as well as find out how to connect with FFOR the Hebrew via social media.
You can also find various ways that you can support FFOR the Hebrew in his ministry.
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Thank you all again for your interest and support! May YAH richly bless you in Jesus Name!
Christian Music

Since 2014

I'm a Christian Rapper. I'm a Christian Rapper. I am NOT ASHAMED I  am a Christian Rapper!
FFOR the Hebrew's Promise:
  • Jesus is and will always be the center of my music.
  • Holy Spirit Inspired, Bible-Based Lyricism
  • Songs that inspire and educate
  • Quality Christian Music
  • Passion and Dedication
  • Fair pricing on sales and booking

I will always continue to produce and put out quality Christian Music. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, my Savior and the only reason I make music!